Close protection officers (CPOs), or bodyguards, keep clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance.

Our Close Protection Training

This Close Protection Training course is taught by experienced close protection officer. 

With  25 years of experience in security, special operations, investigations and VIP protection operations, served the Egyptian Ministry of justice, as a police officer in different departments such as investigation, special forces and VIP protection.

Close Protection Training
Course Design


 Entrance to close protection 1 day ( Level 1 )

1. Description of the Assaulter’s methods.
2. The concept of Protection.
3. Close Protection Detail walking forms.
4. Motorcades Operations.

5. Walking forms emergency operations.
6. Motorcade emergency operations.


International Close protection training 1 day (level 2 )

1. Operation planning for joint details.
2. Protection liaison.
3. High threat area operations.

4. Advance survey and threat assessment.

5. Command posts.

6. Protection operation planning.

close protection instructor

During his service in the police; Jaguar participated and led hundreds of high Risks special operation and protection. Jaguar supervised and led many police officers during his service in the ‘moi’ and managed a huge amount of equipment and budget.

After the 9/11 attack in New York in 2001, Jaguar was nominated to lead the protection team for the US ambassador until 2006, where he was chosen to join the bureau of diplomatic security in the embassy of the United states of America in Cairo, as a security and protection specialist.

During his work for the US embassy in Cairo, Jaguar acted as the main security and protection liaison between the US embassy and the Egyptian government, and he participated in a lot of high profile protection operations, such as: The President of the United States, Secretary of state, Secretary of defense, Congress leaders, Senators and dignity leaders. Jaguar managed the protection operation for the ambassador, protection equipment and budget for the embassy. Jaguar is the recipient of several superior and meritorious awards, the majority of which occurred during assignment to high threat environments.

Jaguar holds a bachelor degree in law & police science and accomplished a lot of training courses in the investigation, special operations, evasive driving, protection operations and tactical command. In 2015, Jaguar and his family, immigrated to Canada and was thrilled to work in the security and protection field in Canada. In 2015, he started his career as a specialist freelancer for different companies in Ontario. In 2017, Jaguar joined OEIS investigations and VIP security, as an operational manager and Close Protection Training instructor.

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