Covid-19 Screening

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Safety First

COVID-19 Screening Team responsibility is to ensure the health of workers in the workplace to protect all personnel, patients, volunteers and visitors.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, a daily selection of workability is necessary for all personnel, doctors, volunteers and contractors who will be in close proximity to other employees, patients or in public.

It is important that all workers stay home when they are sick. 

Terms of procedure

Covid-19 Screening will be performed in such a way as to maintain physical distance and avoid contact as to the extent possible.

– Screening is the responsibility of staff, doctors, volunteers and contractors requirements established in their workplaces.

– Screening will be conducted in such a way that people will treat them with respect and dignity, ensuring that they are with information to fully understand the reason for the screening and the consequences of the visit to work when not very well.

– Employees, doctors, volunteers or contractors who refuse to be screened are not allowed
to go to work on a schedule. An assessment will be made as to whether the staff member’s salary will be paid for a missed shift or not, in consultation with the head of operations and human resources.

– Signage are needed to indicate to health professionals how to complete the screening and to notify patients who are being screened. Workstations will be responsible for placing signs.

– To protect your elderly people, places where continuous care services are provided in the same place

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