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Business owners and entrepreneurs share a commonality in attitude: they are in business for themselves because they don’t want to be told what to do. This is both their cornerstone for success and their greatest risk. The goal of Loss Prevention Training is to show the Standards and Practices which will provide each owner with information, processes, and suggestions that they can adapt to their own operations and employ to their own business style.ons and employ to their own business style.

Start with the most important, catered to your own style, but set your goal to have a completed tool box. At the end of this course, you will need to complete a 45 questions test, and pass with a score of 85%.

Use of force

In-class Training
CAD 39

This  Loss Prevention Training course  provided  by  OEIS  will  show  you the  industry’s  “best  practices.”  These  are proven  and  effective practices and processes used by the retail industry to prevent and reduce the risk of  loss.  Each  section  provides  an  overview  that  explains  “why”  a  particular  practice  is  necessary.  In this  manner,  the  owner  can  decide  the  importance to  their  particular  work  environment  and  prioritize the  implementation  of  each  suggestion.  It  should  be  noted  that  all  of  the  practices  work  together,  so ultimately,  all   of   the   practices   should   be   implemented  to  some   degree.  

loss prevention course

In  general,  the  Standards  and  Practices  focuses  on  the  three  elements  of  loss  prevention Attitudes, Behaviors and Structure or ABS.

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