Enhanced Private Investigator Training

Did you get your PI licence and don’t know where to start?

Denied by P.I. agencies for lack of experience? 

OEIS offers two days in field training on real files. You must have a valid P.I. licence. If you don’t have a P.I. licence, you can take our online P.I. training for $125.00 

​Twenty (20%) off our online training private investigator course, with the purchase of  the Enhanced private investigator training.

​Course price is $349.00 + HST. Receive a Certificate of completion and Employment assistance

Course Overview

  1. What is the role and responsibility of a private investigator?

  2. Fact and fiction, not made for TV.

  3. Types of P.I. work that are most common.

  4. Tools of the trade.

  5. What do you need and when do you need it.

  6. Proper steps for a successful assignment.

  7. Do’s and don’ts of surveillance 

  8. Best practices for a successful surveillance.

  9. The reporting process: how to create and write a proper report

  10. P.I. certification

  11. Know the law and regulations you need to follow.  

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