use of force

As a Security personnel/guard, you are authorized to use deadly force to protect the others from what is objectively and reasonably believed to be an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm.

Our training

USE OF FORCE training offers effective techniques that combine usage of handcuffs and baton to improve safety. Get your international certificate and experience one of the most energetic restraint training available. Our instructors will provide you with necessary knowledge and practical experience, and show you the principles of using the ASP Tactical Baton & ASP Tactical Handcuffs.

The course will take place on 11th and 12th December, 2020.


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Tactical Handcuffs

The program has been offered throughout the world, with training being conducted in more than 80 countries. Don’t settle for less when you can take the most qualified training with a worldwide approved certificate from our experienced and award-winning instructors.

Use of force
Handcuffs and baton

In-class Training
CAD 195 + HST
  • The course will take place on November 12th and November 21st, 2020

In this use of force one-day course, prepare to be active, to observe, and to learn. Our trainings are demanding because we want to be sure we taught you everything you need to know, from adequate use of force to proper care of arrested prisoners. You will be prepared to react quickly and move adequately and in patterns. 

ASP Traininig

You will learn how to deal with traps, how to fall safely, call for back-up, and restrain people. USE OF FORCE training will also provide answers on Positional Asphyxiation and equip you with knowledge to recognize and deal with Excited Delirium. And this is just the beginning.


private investigator
Level 2

OEIS offers two days in field training on real files. You must have a valid P.I. licence.

private investigations

The best private investigators are waiting to help with your needs.

Uniformed Guard

security guard

Security Guard Training is designed to teach you everything you need to pass.

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